Late 19th Century Modernism

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Visual Arts History
Visual Arts History 1040
Christine Sprengler

Feb 17 12th Late 19 Century Modernism PostImpressionism thInfluences 20 century art heavilyCoined by a critic and his intention was not derogatory but means to characteristic a group of works he had collected to show in an exhibit There are contradictory aims with movement based on paradox grounded in science colour theory optics etc tries to maintain an expressive qualityInfluenced by popular culture but it does draw on some classical ideals that were rejected by impressionists Tried to celebrate everyday modern life and leisure Bar scenes are very common as well as subjects about pleasure but there were elements of critique of modern society A Sunday on La Grande Jatte By Georges Seurat 18841886 Oil on canvas 69 x 10Artist lived in Paris and was deeply influenced by color theory especially the law of simultaneouscontrast of color if you put yellow by clue you will see yellows compliment purple in the blue andvisa versa There is a boarder around the painting of red and blue and its compliments the grass with itsgreens and yellowsTook a long time to complete and he did studies of form as well as the colors used Wanted the color to vibrate off one another and this gave life to the painting seems very staticon one hand but yet is not Must be looked at at a certain distance ideally 9 feet to get a clear image because too close andall you see is dots get the name pointillism from this work Painting is more than a color analysis because it forces our eyes to blend the colors ourselves
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