Late 19th Century Sculpture and Decorative Arts

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Western University
Visual Arts History
Visual Arts History 1040
Christine Sprengler

Feb 17 12 thLate 19 Century Sculpture and Decorative ArtsSculpture Their goal was different than the painters of this time and this was mostly due to the fact that they were dealing with permanent solid materials This left them unable to explore the fleeting moment because of the permanence but some did try to defy itForever Free By Edmonia Lewis 1867 Marble 3 5See the use of neoclassicism to interpret a modern thing which in this case was freed slaves The artist made the woman small some believe because she was already dealing with a controversial subject matter and if she broke gender stereotypes she would be even less accepted Others think the woman is small to point to the continued enslavement of women in all classes andcultures The artist herself was African American and she had no assistants to help her with the sculpturebecause of her class and because she did not want anyone else to be able to take credit for her workWhile at school in Rome she was charged with poisoning two white students and was badly beaten andincarcerated but later freed when proven innocent She challenged the stereotypical representations of her people in art The Burghers of Calais By Auguste Rodin 188489 Bronze 6 10x 7 11Artist was influenced by Italian styles of sculpture Had an interest in the emotional and expressive nature of works like the painters of the time Shows a scene from the 100 Years War where six high class people were chosen to be executed to save othe
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