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Visual Arts History
Visual Arts History 2283E
Allyson May

Key Terms Active Scopophelia y Defineo the general pleasure in looking o Freudvoyeurismthe pleasure in looking without being seen o Exhibitionismthe pleasure in being looked at y Significance Active in psychoanalytic films associated with the practise of looking o Eg Rear WindowJimmy Stewarts character derives pleasure from looking at his neighbours Allographic ocan be copied eg music novels made to be copiedsomething that has a notational scheme Analog y The representation of data by means of physical properties that express value along a continuous scale y Analog technologies include photography magnetic tape vinyl recording etc y Based on a sense of continuity in gradation of tone and colour y A digital image in comparison is divided into bits that are mathematically encoded o Not analogous o No physicality just codes Appropriation y The act of borrowing stealing or taking of anothers work image words etc y And changing the meaning to meet the appropriators own purpose y Cultural appropriation o Borrowing and changing in commodities slogans products and putting them into a new context or juxtaposition with new elements y Primary form of oppositional production y Basically changing the meaning of anothers piece of work Aura y A term used by Walter Benjamin to described a special quality that seems to emanate from unique works of art y The aura of unique works gives them the quality of authenticity which cannot be reproduced y Aura is not material but culturally implemented o When a culture holds the work in high regard o No reproduction can take that away from the originalit is unique y However close we may be to the original piece of work we are still distant from it Because it is from a different time period Authenticity y The quality of being genuine or unique y Traditionally o It is referred to a quality attributed to things that are one of kind and original y Walter Benjamin o His theories of reproductions of images regard authenticity as a quality that a work holds that causes it to be unable to be reproduced o It is something that cannot be reproduced through a copy Autographiccannot be copied eg paintingthere is an original and it will always be the original y there is not a formula to reproduce painting Autonomous Artist y When an artist makes up his own rules of painting y Letting his subconscious mind paint instead of his conscious mind y Gives oneself hisher own law y Not governed by authority Binary Oppositions y Oppositions that nature has presented us with o Eg ManWoman and mindbody y Where a certain situation is divided into just two possible states y Theoretical opposites Bricolage y Practice of working with whatever materials are at hand y Making do with what one has Cartesian Space
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