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Visual Arts History
Visual Arts History 2284E

Counter Cinemas in France New Wave Soviet Montage Review  Propaganda meant to agitate the viewer (shock used to create emotion and therefore cause motivation)  Continuity editing = Hollywood convention  Used cuts between two unrelated worlds (Strike 1924) Intro to French and Soviet Film  French filmmakers inspired by Eisenstein and his propaganda/ educational film (film that could instruct, inspire, and agitate the viewer)  Attracted to meaning created through discontinuity  Postwar French filmmakers were not working for the [capitalist] government but attempted to move France into a Socialist revolution (alike to Soviet Russia whose filmmakers worked for their communist government) Postwar France  France is devastated (Nazi’s had occupied France for 5 years)  Under President Charles de Gauelle (1959-1969) economic boom – modernized France  American films now allowed in France (had been banned for 5 years)  Celebrity culture emerged  Growing distinction between working and ruling classes  Drawn out conflicts – Colonies (such as Algeria) separate from France  Oppression and “class based discrimination” is felt in France (students and factory workers) even after the colonial conflicts end – protests begin  Nearly 11 million people (22% of the population) went on strike in 1958. President flees and a reelection is called calming the people. President is still reelected. French counter cinema  Break away from Hollywood cinema  Attempted to make an oppositional cinema that was still produced and released in the format of Hollywood cinema  Common in France to not just watch but talk about cinema - Cinephiles – academics focused on cinema - Cahiers Cinema - Magazine on film, cinema seen as entertainment, art and media -
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