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Visual Arts Studio 2204A/B

VAS2204_Homework 1_Observational Still Life Drawing th DUE: MONDAY SEPTEMBER 24 Materials: 8-10 objects + 1 piece of fabric Vine Charcoal Compressed Charcoal Black “Drawing pastels by Pro Art” aka Conte 1 sheet of White Stonehenge Paper (22 x 30) White Vinyl eraser/ Kneadable eraser Step 1: Begin by picking 8 to 10 objects for your still life arrangement. When choosing your objects think about their material qualities. For adding visual interest to your still life, majority of the objects should have the following qualities: reflective, transparent, textured, and patterned. Ensure that your final objects are of a varied shape and size. In addition to the 8 to 10 objects, choose one piece of fabric of your choice, it should be large enough to cover the surface of your arrangement. Step 2: Use a surface to arrange your objects on. A small table or part of a table is ideal. Take your fabric and drape it over the surface. Arrange the fabric in such a way to show the texture of it. Experiment with draping, scrunching, or folding the fabric. Try propping up areas of the fabric by placing an object underneath it to emphasize its weight and tactile quality. Step 3: Take your 8 to 10 objects and make an arrangement on top of your surface and fabric. It is a good idea to experiment with different arrangements before you start your final drawing. Make several quick sketches of your still life in your sketchbook and on newsprint to help you plan out your final composition. When thinking about composition aim to make it full and balanced. With this in mind, consider the following things: Perspective: What angle will you draw from? What distance will you draw from? Negative and Positive space: Is there too much white space in your drawing? Aim to make your objects the focus of your drawing and keep white space minimal. Balance: Think about visual balance when arranging your objects. If your objects are of varying forms, heights and widths, this will help make your composition look full. Lighting: Observe at the light and shadow of your fabric and objects. Do you need an additional light source? Step 4: Once you are happy with your composition and have done several sketches. Begin your final drawing using your vine charcoal and a sheet of white Stonehenge paper
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