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Lecture 7

Women's Studies 1020E Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Ableism, Dyslexia

Women's Studies
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Women's Studies 1020E
Kim Verwaayen

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Woe’s “tudies Lecture 7
What is aleis?
Ableism: page 68 definition, young but adult individual, shaped in order of cultural ideals, but
often male
Ableism Google: is discrimination and social prejudice against people with disabilities. Ableism
characterizes persons as defined by their disabilities, and as inferior to the non-disabled.
Medical Model
Social Model
Social Construction of Disability
Environmental Racism
The Medical Model of Disability
see’s the idiidual as the prole, sees disailit
as bodily impalement or more functioning, the
brain or body as impaired. The focus is on cure
and treatment or the taken away of medical
disabilities complexly, surgery, spiral cord,
medical research, medications. Feminism to
support a oe’s right to abortion-abortion of
an infant with a disability, people may see a
problem with this. How we think about disability
is based around how our society views it.
The Social Model of Disability
-In relationship to or attitudes and assumptions,
Individuals are disabled by their environments
and not by themselves
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