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Lecture 7

Women's Studies 2160A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Batty Boy, Indigenous Peoples Of The Americas, Unthinkable

Women's Studies
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Women's Studies 2160A/B

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Sex Scape: a global economy of commercialized sexual transactions exists. ex: DR
prostitute for European tourists.
The incr. impoverishment of 3rd world women, global inequalities of the north and south
nations, and cheaper and easier travel all contribute to some regions of the world being
transformed into brothels for tourists who vacation overseas. “sex as a commodity
remains as a harsh reality for many jamaican men and women.”.. understands the multi
face ways in which Caribbean ppl negotiate the relationship bw sexuality and
sex tourism-grown into a multibillion dollar industry. Caribbean nations are transformed
into service-oriented labor centers for Europe, US, and Canada.
Rely on flow of Tourism...prostitutes:Island hopping.
Dominican women: most attractive w light brown skin, slim, curly hair makes them the
most desirable in the sex industry. Ranks 4th as export of sex workers to Western
countries. * Haitian women not a major part of the migrant sex labor force bc considered
too dark skinned to be sexually desirable.
sex labor vs sex: est a continuum bw sex work and domesticity. Migration allows
women to maintain an image of respectability in their hometowns. As a result, sex
workers in the tourist trade dont consider themselves to send ther
children to
private school w the money they make, reaffirming their identity as good mothers.
sex work: one of the limited options for uneducated, poor women to feed t heir children.
Books on sex wok in the caribbean rep. a paradigm shift that tries to find a place for
women's agency and dignity w/i an occupation prev. treated by feminists as degrading
and exploitative.
1) treat prostitution as a legit alternative to low paying domestic work or jobs in
export processing zones
2) break the rigid boundary bw sex work and domesticity
3) articulate how workers have some control over their exploitation
sex worth as a path to social mobility through its superior earning power over other
forms of unskilled labor or ideally as a path to marriage w a man or woman who can
support them.
La Gloria- racial assumption of the sex workers fantasy “the glory” is based- that white
men treat them better than their own men do.
The sex workers reproduce dominant gender ideologies such as the virgin/whore
opposition through their assertions of being good mothers the implication of which is
that they are not prostitutes (putas).
The women usually make more $ than the dominican men they live with, the men
assume the trickster persona of tigers to recast their economic reliance on the women in
terms of machismo
sex tourism”female prostitution
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romance tourism: heterosexual male sex work. dont identify themselves as prostitutes.
Rather: beach boys, hustlers, sanky pankies, rent a dreads.
Diff in sexual coding underpinned by Caribbean ideology of masculinity and femininity,
where male sexual power is a sign of virility. Female promiscuity is coded as deficiency
in moral values.
“The Whore Stigma” powerful discourse that dishonors and controls in particular but not
exclusively, female sexuality, supporting laws that outlaw deviant sexuality.
but men who get financial benefit from female tourists able to harness their racial image
as afro-caribbean men as studs in order to realign their subordination to white
heterosexual masculinity.
male sex work as romance desexualizes white women-idea that she wants romance w
the caribbean men not physical sex.
performance of being in love is crucial to the success of female sex work.
Male tourists downplay the economic transaction w female sex workers saying they
arent really prostitutes but women who genuinely enjoy the “hot sex” they can get w a
white man. This relies on the racial stereotyping of black and brown women as
oversexed and shows the refusal to recognize the exploitative nature of the relationship.
The white men think that the brown skinned women prefer them sexually to their own
men, but the women actually do it bc of the capacity to earn more $.
Sex tourism reinforces the rigidly gendered racial hierarchies that are the legacy of the
caribbean slavery and colonialism:
-tourists prefer dominican and Colombian women who do not identify themselves as
black bc of light skin, vs haitaian women too black skin, seen as “unhygienic”.
Dominican women seen as more passionate and domestic than European women,
whom the men characterize as too frigid and self centered.
Globalization has deepened rather than eliminated poverty in the Caribbean.
Suriname and Guyana-women service local men in the gold mine have the same
fantasy as sex workers in the Dominican trade-that a preferred client rescue them from
the sex trade.
Caribbean- second highest rate of HIV in the world, and AIDS is the leading cause of
death for 25-45 yr olds. Women have unprotected sex bc men insist or offer more $ for
it, shows the conditions they live in. The disease is transmitted mainly through male and
female migrant workers, heterosexual male workers, and caribbean gay men.
the fear of contracting AIDS along w incr. homophobia in the region = decr in the
organized homosexual tours that took place in the late 1980s.
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