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Lecture 8

Women's Studies 2160A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Bechdel Test, Slut-Shaming, Heteronormativity

Women's Studies
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Women's Studies 2160A/B

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The Heterosexual Script
October 30, 2013
sexualization of media -concern or good because we are becoming open to sex.
certain bodies are sexualized, but its not something thats happening across the
spectrum of race class age etc.
-the six pack: specific kinds of men are being sexualized in specific ways in ways that re
assert their masculinity rather than diminish it.
-the midriff: women w midriff able to use their sexuality to control ppl around them
hot lesbian: same sex desire to advertise, targeted at men ex SKY vodka not targeted at
women. just bc these ads exist doesnt mean ppl are supporting lesbian equality.
1970s traditional sexist ads to 90s women as sexual consumers.
male bodies becomes subject to the female gays.
ex: “hello boys” bra ad: targeting men, portrayed as sexually empowered w/i the
limitations of her as a sexual being. women objectify themsleves to command and
maintain relationships.
sky vodka: same sex pleasure for men.
studying sex on tv: sexual concern : the harmful affects of sex on children.
sexual content: depiction of sexual activity, talk about it, verbal and visual references to
sexual content. There is an incr in sexual content over time.
we need to look more at sexual CONTEXT rather than sexual content.
more sex seen=higher expectations of viewer, more sex. so the amount seen is
important. also context and consequences are important. context=viewers model
behaviors that are rewarded and avoid ones that are not.
ex: bad girls are punished at the end of most movies. if we behave in this way we will be
sanctioned to this. if we have unprotected sex, we will get pregnant. etc.
sexuality learned by absorbing whats available in sexual scripts.
limited notions of what sex is.
researchers: take scripting theories &
compulsory heterosexuality: its not about individuals but how it functions as an instiution
w/i out culture that organizes male and female rlthsp that assume male dominance and
female submission. and unwritten but codified action. unwritten but....binary “men are
from mars (masculine, powerful, aggressive) women are from Venus (love, caring, etc).
objectification of women-men have the right to gaze upon womens body. potential threat
of violence on women by men not being able to control their sexual urges. ex: lesbian
Ad directed at men.
heteronormativity: the presumption that u will be heterosexual. ex: form to fill: married,
widow, divorced, etc. for heterosex relations Lesbians had to deny a relationship.
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