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Lecture 1

Women's Studies 2160A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Slut, Dermatology, Pediatrics

Women's Studies
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Women's Studies 2160A/B

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WS lecture one wed. sept. 11, 2013
what do we mean by intimacy?
why is it hard for ppl to get what should be a simple answer to the riddle (from class-
chief surgeon):
women are more likely to choose like dermatology or pediatrics that surgical specialties.
LANGUAGE-how it operates on us. male identifying nouns and pronouns ex: boy male
son, he. when we don’t use gender neutral or inclusive language: we tend to identify
male figures even when its meant to be neutral.
The word “biological” narrowed it down so it cant be two gay parents or half families.
culturally entrenched stereotypes AND material realities;
expectations around complexity of “riddle”;
repetition of male identifying nouns and pronouns;
use of descriptor usually identified with “masculinity” -or with men;
trick with tone of voice
how does the riddle relate to our discussion of intimate relations?
individual and socioculturally produced thoughts of intimacy.
what is intimacy?
what are its various forms?
whats are some of our cultural assumptions around intimacy
what languages do we use to represent intimacy?
-> certain assumptions around words we use, ex: sissy (contraction for sister)implies
something about their sexuality. slut and whore are gender neutral. bastard: offspring of
a women who has had many men. same for son of a bitch. t has gender at its root.
can there be such a thing too much intimacy? “TMI”
does what we see reflect or produce our reality?
painting by rafael perez: two stick figures kissing: un-gendered. both have one foot
always on the ground. Perez has alot of gay couples in his paintings.
His self portrait with the cartoon kiss: we invest something of ourselves into what we
produce..our desire, fears etc. There is something political going on in the art.
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