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Lecture 24

Women's Studies 1020E Lecture 24: Lecture 24 – Canadian Histories : LGBTQ Contexts

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Western University
Women's Studies
Women's Studies 1020E
Laura Cayen

Lecture 24 – Canadian Histories: LGBTQ Contexts Stonewall 1969 U.S. -New York had laws prohibiting homo in public -Normally places where gays gathered of were shut down -Stonewall inn took a stand against the police and riots grew and broke out -Police reinforcements beat the crowd and the next crowd got bigger until riot police came -There were riots throughout the city - The effect of this was left to formation of advocacy groups and a gay newspaper -On the 1st anniversary of the riot was the first gay pride parades -Pride parades have root in activism against police violence -These parades inspired gays to organize in the name of gay rights and spread to every city in the US -The original movement included transgender people but divisions developed later - The Stonewall legacy is often white-washed while there as interesting context of racial and gay minorities of the time Toronto Bathhouse Raids of 1981 (Operation Soap) - There was excessive force, verbal and physical abuse -Used name and shame: People would collect information and publish in newspaper your name and that you were found here -A lot of men weren’t out due to the fact that there was heavy stigma at the time -Employment was threatened and was used to get protesters to comply with the police -Prostitutions laws were used against these men, and were found in a place with “immoral sexual acts” - The Bathhouse was a place where people would meet for prostitution or acts of indecency, which later changed to a saying that indecency must say that it has to cause danger and a risk to society Impact and Aftermath of Raids -The impact and aftermath of the raids was in response was a mass mobilization - Tapped into a current feeling in the community and gave space to voice frustration with heteronormativity and homophobia in the city - It was a catalyst for the protesters to say they had enough - Many people were brought together, while thousands of people came together for the same issue and gained a sense of community - Posters were an important aspect of community building - In relation, intersectionality focuses on relations between the queer and minority communities “A sentiment that I find profoundly queer” - Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives  Marriage rights represented a mainstream focus, and the desir
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