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Western University
Women's Studies
Women's Studies 1020E
Leslie Thielen- Wilson

L. Thielen-Wilson Lecture Slide points for “Media and Normative Femininity” 2009 S1. Frye: Sex Marking Behavior Categories of Difference are key to every system of oppression RSD = category of Gender Difference key to gender oppression in Western society (Rigid Sex Dualism) Sex Marking behavior  Re-Produces RSD  Naturalizes RSD • Daily practices announce gender: dress, bodily comportment, linguistic behavior… • Routine, repetitive, ritual  creates bodily habits and desires • Gender difference FEELS natural (vs. socially constructed) Sex marking is equally compulsory for men and for women… Slide Example: Magazine article: evolution..man two page spread and are much larger, woman has half or less S2: RSD is intimately interrelated with other Western Dichotomies: Nature / Culture Passive/Active Private/Public Object / Property Owner S3: Past Victorian Ideal: CTW Repress Sexuality = Passivity Present Western Ideal: Hyper-sexualized = Passivity
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