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Biographical Change

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Women's Studies
Women's Studies 1020E
Erica Lawson

L. Thielen-Wilson Lecture Slide Points for Wed Oct 15 or Thurs Oct 16 , 2008. S1: Feminism: Theory and Action for Social Change Links two levels of analysis (Taylor FF, p.2):  Structural  Biographical S2: How do feminist explanations differ from non-feminist explanations? Look to outline for table of “Theoretical / Explanatory Approaches”. S3: Case Study: Eating Disorders / Eating Problems Becky Wansgaard Thompson “A Way Outta No Way…” Unjust Social Systems & power dynamics  Trauma to “Body Consciousness” Q: What is “Body Consciousness”?  Eating Problems are one possible response to disruption of Body consciousness This explanation brings into view different:  Causes / contributing factors  Demographics / populations affected  Assessment: disease? Resistance?  Solutions S4: (What effect does “trauma rooted in oppression” have on women? Trauma rooted in Sexual Abuse, Racism, Poverty, Heterosexism, … Disrupts Body Consciousness:  Loss of Control of Body  Dissociation / Alienation (associates body with abuse, body is enemy)  Pain  Shame & Hatred  Outsider Status 1 S5: Eating Problems as a form of Resistance to Oppression 
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