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11.11.24 Everything Old is New Again- New Approaches to Issues of Feminism and Authorship.docx

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Western University
Women's Studies
Women's Studies 2158A/B
Sonia Halpern

November 24 2011h Everything Old is New Again: New Approaches to Issues of Feminism and Authorship - 1970s fem movement in arts - Really reflected w political and social consciousness - Art movement was just a microcosm of the larger western world - To fight back they took on post-modernism: reinforced the idea that there was no one way of doing something, it embraced the idea of diversity, there were multiple ways of doing things. - We need to embrace diversity in post modernism and in the art world, we need to embrace this thorough who the artist is themselves and what they are producing (let’s not juts see white western men as artists to study but let’s look at men from minority groups, the east, women, minority women, white women, as a group that has been ignored) - Reject the Monolithic category - Let’s look at embroidery, china painting, alternative mediums. - We need an all encompassing population in art to reflect the diversity of a country, or the world generally - We will go back to the past and compare to modern th - French photograph postcard ‘Achetes des pommes’ from 19 century. Typical of what we have seen. Naked, she is holding apples, she is like food to be consumed, her gaze is inviting, etc. - Along comes Linda Knchlin 1972 and made a contemporary feminist response to this image. “Achetes des bannan.” Just the opposite, naked man with banana and his penis, and he has then vacuous face on him and it looks ridiculous. She’s using the oppressive language and trying to turn it around into an image that is somewhat empowering - But it is very difficult to reverse the roles, it’s atypical in a patriarchal society so it’s almost funny, it doesn’t reflect reality - ‘Venus of Willendorf’ 1500 BC in the Paleolithic era (very small stone statue, 11cm). These fertility figures were incredibly common. Really emphasized natural fertility - Fast fw to 1970s. Alice Neel “pregnant woman”. Exact opposite: when pregnant women are uncomfortable, feel like shit, they get swollen, sore, her nipples are inflamed, she seems pissed. Nothing natural about fertility or child birth. Childbirth was the leading case of death of women in the early 20 c. Taking the conventional idea that this is destiny and is saying it isn’t as natural as history would like us to be, especially for urban women. Also one of her children died or something so this makes sense. Male face in the back supposition that he is the man who put her in this place. - “Margaret Evans Pregnant’ 1978 same artist. Alice Neel said: pregnancy is just a fact of life, something the primitives did, [male artists shied away from depicting pregnant women because] women were always done as sex objects, a pregnant woman has a claim stated outright, she’s not for sale - Woman on a really small boudoir chair, trying to balance her big belly - 1980 Neel depicts herself as an old woman, sitting nude in all her glory and her stomach and everything. What’s she saying is normally young fertile women are represented and it’s rare for us to see older women. In this piece she is reclaiming her sexuality, saying older women can do this, challenging historical notions that nudity and fertility only belong to the young - Italian Renaissance ‘The Last Supper’ By Leonardo DaVinci 1495-1497. It’s a Fresco (painting done on a wall or ceiling). It’s in Milan, Italy in a church Sta. Maria Del Grazie. Biblical rep of the last supper. Painting that .. a male presence (no female presence). Some fem art hist critics say the absence of women was a way of keeping women oppressed. The food was probably prepared by women, women in their lives, and why are women excluded from this notable historical events. - Judy Chicago made a commentary on this ‘The Dinner Party’ 1978. Collaborative effort. A triang
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