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Lecture 6

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Women's Studies
Women's Studies 2161A/B
Susan Knabe

Women’s Studies2161B – 2013 Week 6 Fairy Tale Fantasy Princess Culture - Princess culture is a relatively recent development - Linked to specific consumption patterns which recruit women into marketplace through an appeal to luxury and privilege - “I’m worth it” rhetoric of pamper and spa culture which is targeting adult women spills over into younger and younger girls - Disney is central in perpetuation of princess culture - 2004 – over 25,000 princess themed products Princess Culture and White Weddings - Linked to Disney franchise’s expansion into princess culture, its alliance with Mattel (an increased marketization of Disney toys, including princess materials), and its participation in both the primary and secondary wedding markets - Primary wedding market includes themed and destination weddings at Disney parks – Fairy Tale Wedding business, including wedding dresses - Secondary wedding market includes the centrality of weddings and romance within flagship Disney media products (like the films) and associated Disney products and marketing; secures future consumers for wedding industrial complex (Ingraham) Fairy Tales - Ingraham notes that what is being sold through Disney in the secondary wedding market is most often the “happily ever after” aspect of these versions of fairy tales involving princesses - Disney’s versions of fairy tales are only the most recent incarnation of folk and fairy tales that have been part of our oral and written culture for centuries, though often these tales were not initially or primarily intended as stories for children - As we will see with the Cinderella story a little later on, when these oral tales became co
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