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Women's Studies
Women's Studies 2283F/G
Andrea Allen

DESIRING WOMEN • what is desire - women who desire or desiring women - how are we going to think about desire • how do we think of desire as a notion, is it innate, is it chemical, social, do we have control over this • how men desire women in society, is it possible for men to do this in a way that doesn't seem skeevy? NA culture the ways in which men are expressing desire towards women marginalize them • discussion about whether women desire - idea that women have to negotiate how they can express themselves without being name called • Module 1: desire, feminism and theory • Module 2: desire and popular culture THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT • gay porn clip - hollywood reporter, Tim Appelo - 11/23/2010 • Male Porn's Female clip Do you think the filmmakers are suggesting that fundamentally all people are bisexual? Is desire just desire - you can be attracted or appreciate features of the same gender but it doesn't ncecessarily mean youre bisexual - phenomenon of homosexual women that like male gay porn, desire can be manifold, its not unidirectional Are the female characters 'objectifying' the male porn actors? Can women objectify men? - yes, when you watch porn you are watching it to objectify the people in it. you care not for the actors favorite colour but rather you want to watch them to see them having sex. - you focus on the act and not the people, however if its just the act then why
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