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Women's Studies
Women's Studies 2283F/G
Andrea Allen

MEDICALIZATION •medicalization as a process that organizes a broad and ever growing range of behaviors and aspects of everyday life into categories of health and illness •medicalization conceptualizes and institutionalizes and reframes women's experience of their bodies •natural processes of life are considered conditions that need to be ailed - part of a larger apparatus of power •vulvas are like snowflakes - vulva is the external part of the vagina • •labiaplasty for normal sexual appearance and function •some women have labia minora that protrude far beyond the level of the labia majora and consider this appearance unattractive or unsightly. Other women find that they have one side larger than the other. In some women, the labia minora protrudes so far that they experience discomfort and even pain. this pain can occur when sitting on bikes or stools. Some women experience pain with intercourse. In severe cases some women may experience pain when running or even walking. •Why some women seek toronto Labiaplasty • - thick or large labia is caused by a number of factors, including trauma, aging, childbirth and genetics. This problem may prevent women from wearing certain clothes that could reveal their condition, such as tight shorts and pants...undergoing labiaplasty or labial reduction in Toronto may improve a women's self esteem and general happiness by reducing the size of the labia so that no protrusion of the labia minora exists. Removing excess skin from the vaginal lips and labia will expose parts of the genetalia that are responsive to sexual activity and may thusly increase the chance of sexual gratification • - idea that genitals need to be discrete, the only acceptable ones are where the labia minora doesn't shown •Medicalization of Gender • - femininity as a disease • - women prone to illness - pregnancy of illness • • - class influences feminine biology and health • - ovarification of women's bodies and health • - clitoridectormies - 19th century as a way to influence women's hyterical state •contradictory female sexuality - necessary to desexualize reproduction • • - need to suppress women's inately unruly sexuality so women's innately restrained sexuality can be unleashed • - women are innately sick and reproductive •Hysteria • - embo
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