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Western University
Women's Studies
Women's Studies 2283F/G
Andrea Allen

LIL'KIM •Kimberly Jones •Bib Momma/Queen Bee/Queen Bitch Brooklynite • •raised by father (parents divorced when she was 8) •it seems that because shes a woman she should be forced to be a role model •orality: when a women expresses that they like it it is often portrayed a bad thing the use of sexual imagery is ubiquitous to power in our society, this is her • buying into the system and her assimilation to power •SEX POLITICS AND LIL KIM •Greg Thomas thesis • - lil Kim has crafted something phenomenal: a lyrical system of logic that it 1. anti sexist 2. gender defiant 3. ultra erotic, systematically and simultaneously, in an indigenously Black mode of expression or universe of meaning •Thomas and ultra-eroticism • - transcends gender, multiplying and amplifying pleasure, involves pleasure, erotic joy and collective consideration • - questionable standard of sexuality, hence not female sexuality LIL KIMS HARD CORE • •THomas and Hard Core • - to censor or criticize it as obscene is to safeguard Western bourgeoise humanism, a historically racist sexist order of language, knowledge, pleasure and power • - assault on white racist patriarchal imperialism - assault through oral knowledge production (sexual and aural) • • - Humans orality : a sign of the power of speech a sign of pleasure, an instrument of intelligence • SEXUAL CONSCIOUSNESS •relationship between sex, knowledge and power • - Epic of Gilgamesh, Adam and Eve - sexuality is a transmission of knowledge and culture •Lil Kim, gender, the body and power •
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