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Western University
Women's Studies
Women's Studies 2283F/G
Andrea Allen

CULTURAL PRACTICES AND RELIGION AS IT RELATES TO SEX •lSLAM •the focus is on procreation and women's responsibilities in some countries an individuals actions are not just a direct reflection on • them but also a reflection on their entire family •inner subjectivity and the networks you are in is a direct reflection on external relations •higher class people can afford to have hymenoplasty but it is more difficult for lower class people. the value of virginity is a cross cultural phenomenon that still goes on today • •one ofthe good consequences of chastity is one of the freedoms from the drama that occurs from sex like abortion, adultery etc •ISLAM AND SEXUALITY - DOMINANT BELIEFS •islamic discourses that endorse and encourage sexual pleasure and expression sexual intimacy only belongs in marriage • •marriage is between a man and a woman/women •women's modesty is a spiritual commandment •cultural and historical factors of Muslim moralities in Western countries •response to perceived laxity in Western contexts •emphasis on conservative interpretation of Islamic doctrine rejection or dismissal of earlier less conservative (austere and prudish) • discourses of sexuality •while many of us have strong reactions to excesses of strong sexuality shown on tv while some people may respond by shunning it, some people respond by distancing themselves entirely from that culture •IMTOUL: ISLAM AND SEXUALITY Australian context - emphasis on sexual purity • • - traditional acceptance of marital and master/slave relations • - differing interpretations on what this exactly means • - renegotiations occurring among Muslim women •emphasis on marriage, discouraging celibacy •realities in Non-Muslim countries - longer periods of singledom for women • • - celibate life perceived as less than ideal • - less emphasis on men's sexual purity • - less lol options for women •virginity in the West • - emphasis on inact hymen - rise in hymenoplasty • • - Islamic doctrine silent on hymens or first bleedings • - cultural definitions of sexual purity, virginity and Islamic thought •women in patriarchal bargains •roles of older women in community • - recognitions of family honor non virgins and sexuality • • - sexually frustrated • - emphasis on remarriage or acceptance of polygamous agreements •TYPES OF MARRIAGE - public marraige • • - private marriage • - limited marriage • - temporary marr
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