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Women's Studies
Women's Studies 2283F/G
Andrea Allen

THE PAPER • film review - 5-6 pages critique of a film or tv show that focuses on one of the themes and topics that have been discussed in class. This paper should have a thesis, be double spaces 12 pt font with no extraneous spaces, physical copy to be handed in • summarize the film, critical analysis • thesis: make an argument, make an interesting and unexpected argument, support the argument, draw upon issues, concepts, notions and themes from the semester • papers will be evaluated on the following criteria: extent to which we follow instructions, clarity and organization of writing, depth of analysis, ability to relate ideas from reading and class discussions to film analysis, intellectual creativity and rigor • watch - how is women's desire and pleasure being represented, what message is the film sending, who is the targeted audience, how do you know, how is gender and gender roles depicted, who is being represented: class, race, religion and sexual partners • contemplate - what did you find interesting or troubling • how does this film relate to class themes - women's desire and pleasure in relation to freedom, choice, heteronormativity, class, race, social and cultural norms • representations of women as sexual objects, medicalization of women's sexuality and desire how can you analyze these themes - psychoanalytical approaches to women and • desire, 2nd and 3rd wave feminists theories in film theory • develop - make a claim, think persuasively (meaning make an argument that can not be easily argued) • gather evidence: examples from film, class discus
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