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Women's Studies
Women's Studies 2283F/G
Andrea Allen

SHORT PAPER •essay format •three to four pages 12pt times new • •use citations, consistent with citation format •should cover only the readings that we assigned before each due date •must use at least two readings from the essay, don't have to be from the same week •have intro, brief summary of the readings use theories arguments etc from the readings to support thesis • •be critical of the authors thesis, you can critique them •must be your argument, can't take someone else - strong argument eg of not good: sexism hurts women •avoid simple comparisons: in this paper I will discuss how two authors describe the notion of sexual identity - agree with one and disagree with the other but give specific reasons as to why one is better than the other •can use first person •define different concepts within our paper •italicize thesis - gives me an idea what the main argument and gives the reader an idea of what the main argument is •restate thesis in conclusion THIRD WAVE FEMINISM •ideas of what feminism is have been more well integrated into society at this point so people most often don't realize they're reading feminist texts videos etc •second wave feminism: focused more on eradicating oppression rather than publicizing female sexuality and choice and the experience of the individual women and what makes them the most happy •Diversity • - monolithic, focused on getting women into the workplace and in a lot of ways had upper middle class white values • - diversity of ideas about what it means to be a feminist, however some of these ideas are contradictory • - fragmented view of what it means to be a feminists •internal contestation •Second Wave Feminism • - effectively critiques and destabilized the foundations of dualists such as nature/culture and private/public in which women were positioned in relation to men as a devalued other •Third Wave Feminism • - new body of thought distinct from second wave feminism, which is characterized by notions of identity, difference, contradictions and embod
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