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Women's Studies
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Women's Studies 3345F/G
Andrea Allen

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thSeptember 20 2012 WS 3363 Crenshawlegal scholarcritical race studies theorist CRTscholarly movement began among legal scholars mainly of colour in 1980 in UScritiques intersection bt race racism and citizenshipcritiques institutionalization of racism and privilege we the US legal structure and American societycritiques the notion that the law is neutral and colour blind Crenshaw and intersectionalitymapping the marginsmy objective in this article is to advance the telling of that location by exploring the race and gender dimensions of violence against women of colour Crenshaw 140 Intersectionalitya focus on the most priv group members marginalized those who are multiplyburdened and obscures claims GET THIS many of the experiences Black womyn face are not subsumed within thr traditional boundaries of race or gender discrimination as these boundaries are currently understood and that theGET THIS o look at how gender influence each other as race and gender can be co creating co constrictiveones gender can be informed by racialized notions a gendered racism or a racist sexism o critique of intersectionality good idea and makes sense because you cant just look at identity politics one identifier o what can we do with intersectionalityo Identity politics can be a source of identity or dialogueo We have a multiplicity of identitiesTheory of Intersectionalityrace gender class o not additice or multiplicative categories o cocreating or coconstituting categories o categories of priv categories of oppressionor can be both simultaneously they inform one anotherintersectional analysis o individual stand at an intersection of multiple identities and inequalities o social relationships of power o social experiences and multiple forms of oppression Exampleswhat are examples of the gendering of whiteness Asianness o Asian men are not as masculine or Asian women are easily controlled or seductive geishas What does it mean for masculinity and femininity to be raced or classed
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