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Andrea Allen

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October 4 2012 WS 3363 Chris Brown interview with Robin Roberts: Chris Brown Breaks His Silence 2009 - He said he never had domestic violence problems, looks at it like ‘how could I be that person’ - Rihanna said it was like he had no soul, he blacked out ‘wasn’t the same person who said I love you’ - He says “I’m really sorry for what went down and what happened” not taking responsibility - Robin Roberts: Brown knows he has a lot of young male fans looking up to him, Brown is hoping to help Two years later on the debuted of his album F.A.M.E - “Not really a big deal to me right now, I feel like I’m past that: o you’re past that? - Promoting his album and concerned about that - He’s clearly pissed and not wanting to talking about the Rihanna situation - Keeps redirecting to the album - “don’t want to talk about something that happened two years ago” - “I could care less about what anybody else thinks” Rihanna’s interview with Oprah - apologized on BET said he was Blowing off steam. He said he didn’t hurt anyone. He broke a window and threw a cooler … o he said he doesn’t have aggression issues - “A lot of people were disappointed in the way I acted…I was disappointed in the way I acted” o Where is your autonomy - He felt exploited he said, and that he was tricked - Even though they told him they would being up Rihanna Rihanna Opens Up About Chris Brown on Oprah August 2012 - 180 day
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