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Class notes Sept 16th

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Writing 2101F/G
Christine Kennedy

The Writing Process “Writing is a deliberate act: One has to make up one’s mind to do it” James Britto 1. Prewriting / invention  Helps us examine what we know. We recall ideas, relate old and new information, assess the reader’s expectations, and generally explore the problem from many angles.  Work out provisional answers to questions such as:  What is it for (purpose)  Who is this for (audience)  What do I want to say (Point of view on the subject)  How do I best say it (Code)  Planning brings order out of chaos  Developing hierarchies allows you to postpone one problem to solve another 2. Writing / translating “Writing by hand constructively slows down the process, permitting half-formed or unexpected ideas to develop” Emig “The function of the translating process is to take material from memory under the guidance of the writing process and to transform it into acceptable written English sentences” Haynes  One way to writing is to improve the improve your planning process 3. Rewriting / Revising + editing “True revision involves reseeding, rethinking, and reshap
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