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Class notes Sept 23rd

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Western University
Writing 2101F/G
Christine Kennedy

Rhetoric  Act of interpreting our experiences through symbols for the purpose of making sound practical choices  “The art of producing discourse intended to induce social action…The search for persuasive action” o Once seen as deceptive, but more recently recognized as persuasion. o In a court, a lawyer must ‘pack’ a message in different ways, not just 1,  Rhetorical situation: The message alone is inadequate for effective communication. The speaker and the audience are also essential part of the rhetoric. o Audience: those who are going to use your documents  Simple: When you can easily identify the knowledge and attitudes of your audience  Multiple: People with different backgrounds who read the same document for different reasons (Ex. Readers of newspaper) o Purpose: What you want your document to accomplish 1. Establish ethos 2. Anticipate the objections (Helps build your ethos because you raise and address other viewpoints) o Context: The circumstances in which the reader will use or encounter your documents  Rhetorical triangle: Writer or Speaker / Audience / Subject o Relationship between writer or speaker and subject is dynamic. o Writing changes the dynamics of the rhetorical triangle because writers and readers are separated by time and space. Modes (Methods) of persuasion  Ethos: o Credibility of the speaker or writer o Do homework & understand what you are talking about! 
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