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Writ2111G Sample Introduction Memo

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Writing 2111F/G
Oksana Hlyva

January 15 2008To Oksana HlyvaFrom NAMSubjectIntroduction MemoBackgroundMy whole life I have called the same house in the Glen Abbey area of Oakville my homeI cant see myself growing up anywhere elseThe town is beautiful the communities are friendly and the sports are competitiveI had the luxury of attending both elementary and secondary schools that were within walking distance of home which meant my first bus experiences came in LondonI never saw school as a chore and I still feel that wayI have always enjoyed learning new things playing school sports and being socialI am extremely competitive on and off the playing field which has driven me to achieve awards in both academics and athleticsI ended off my high school career as an honors student and team captain for both the field hockey and ice hockey teamsI was very fortunate that my parents never forced me to get a job until the summer after my grade 11 yearThey never wanted me to work during the school year as my marks and athletics were to be my top priorities and I am so grateful for thatSince the age of 7 my mom sent my sister and I to camp every summer
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