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Writing 2121F/G Lecture Notes - Concision, Rhetorical Question

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Writing 2121F/G
Tim Freeborn

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September 20, 2011
-To gain access to electronic supplement: WR 2100, Section 001
Basic Structure of Academic Essay
-Make intro concise, not too broad/vague.
-If writing for anything that has a voluntary reader (magazine) might want to include hook. Not
for academic essays.
-Intro will have a thesis.
-Successful thesis identifies the topic. Should be a group of sentences that can stand
alone. It should inform the reader just what the paper is, and what the paper’s about.
-It’ll make an assertion about the topic in a persuasive paper. There is a difference
between a statement of fact and an assertion (a position of argument, not a fact)
-Also will contain a forecast statement: Offers a concise overview of the main ideas that
will develop the arguments.
-* Conclude the introduction paragraph with thesis. It’s the most important sentence in
your essay.
-Example of thesis: The NHL must deter on-ice violence through the strict and
consistent enforcement of rules. To do so, it must clearly distinguish between
acceptable physical contact and acts of violence.
-The topic: on-ice violence
-Assertion/Opinion/Argument: “must deter”
-There is an opposing point of view to this, someone could say they don’t have to
-It has a forecast. You can tell what the writer is going to talk about from those two
sentences: the enforcement of rules, definition of acceptable violence in hockey,
-Paragraphs in the body of your paragraph should include:
-A topic sentence. (In a short paper of 2-3 pages, your topic sentences will have an
intimate relationship with thesis and forecast statement.)
-The topic sentence identifies the topic, it will also make an assertion about that topic
(argument). If you’re developing an argument make sure that the body of your
paragraph contains assertions that allow you to develop it.
-Avoid mere statements of fact.
-The 5 page essay from Hodkinson’s class is okay when writing a 2 page paper.
-5 Paragraph Essay:
-Paragraph 1 of body will deal with enforcement of rules.
-2. Defining acceptable physical content
-3. Defining violent acts
-In longer essays, the forecast statement can’t refer to every point your going to make
(argument preview) but it can refer to the general subjects you’ll be talking about.
-You can devote more than one paragraph to each argument.
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