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Writing 2121F/G Lecture Notes - Hart Memorial Trophy, Dependent Clause, Verbosity

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Writing 2121F/G
Tim Freeborn

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Paragraph Coherence
-will discuss one subject that is identified in the topic sentence.
-distinguish between your opinion and someone else’s opinion; don’t take someone elses
opinion as your own.
-evidence needs to be factual
-evidence needs to be asserted in following sentences
-Multi Level Paragraphs contain assertions and statements of fact. Assertions are found in
topic sentences, assessments of evidence, concluding statements. Statements of fact:
introductions of evidence and the evidence itself (even when you quote someone else’s
argument, its status in your paragraph is factual: whether you agree with it or not, it remains a
statement attributable to a source.)
-so other’s opinions are fine evidence
-Maintain coherence by:
-repeating key words/using synonyms
October 25, 2011
-Word choice will be influenced by your perception of your audience and your purpose.
-1. Use technical words with care. Use them with awareness of your audience.
-2. Avoid pretentious language. Unnecessarily ornate, polysyllabic, etc.
-3. Avoid informal words in formal classes. (slang) idomatic expressions are figurative in
nature. You can’t treat the words as literal descriptors, there’s a figurative dimension. “ I went
medieval on his ass” > what does this mean?
-“The test is geared towards punctuation” becomes “The test is about/involves punctuation.” No
figurative meanings.
-Avoid metaphorical expressions like The quiz is geared towards punctuation.
-“Target audience”. The adjective is metaphorical. “Intended audience” is better. Non
metaphorical expression that conveys the same thing.
-Euphemism: A figure of speech that attempts to cover up an unpleasant reality. “He passed
away” is a euphemism for dying. “adult entertainment” for pornography.
-Cliche: a word or phrase we don’t even realize as being figurative, it’s overused. Figurative
language is colourful but not very accurate. “roller coaster ride”. A cliched film, not “a cliche
Common Essay Errors
November 1, 2011
-The film horrified its viewers.
-The film’s love scenes horrified its viewers.
-The films’ love scenes horrified its viewers.
-Sophecles’s love scenes horrified it’s viewers = correct
-Jesus’ love scenes horrified it’s viewers = also correct
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