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WR2121 Lecture Oct.25, Diction, and November 1: Common Essay Errors

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Writing 2121F/G
Tim Freeborn

Paragraph Coherence - will discuss one subject that is identified in the topic sentence. -distinguish between your opinion and someone else’s opinion; don’t take someone elses opinion as your own. - evidence needs to be factual - evidence needs to be asserted in following sentences -Multi Level Paragraphs contain assertions and statements of fact. Assertions are found in topic sentences, assessments of evidence, concluding statements. Statements of fact: introductions of evidence and the evidence itself (even when you quote someone else’s argument, its status in your paragraph is factual: whether you agree with it or not, it remains a statement attributable to a source.) - so other’s opinions are fine evidence - Maintain coherence by: - repeating key words/using synonyms Diction October 25, 2011 - Word choice will be influenced by your perception of your audience and your purpose. - 1. Use technical words with care. Use them with awareness of your audience. - 2. Avoid pretentious language. Unnecessarily ornate, polysyllabic, etc. - 3. Avoid informal words in formal classes. (slang) idomatic expressions are figurative in nature. You can’t treat the words as literal descriptors, there’s a figurative dimension. “ I went medieval on his ass” > what does this mean? - “The test is geared towards punctuation” becomes “The test is about/involves punctuation.” No figurative meanings. -Avoid metaphorical expressions like The quiz is geared towards punctuation. - “Target audience”. The adjective is metaphorical. “Intended audience” is better. Non metaphorical expression that conveys the same thing. - Euphemism: A figure of speech that attempts to cover up an unpleasant reality. “He passed away” is a euphemism for dying. “adult entertainment” for pornography. - Cliche: a word or phrase we don’t even realize as being figurative, it’s overused. Figurative language is colourful but not very accurate. “roller coaster ride”. A cliched film, not “a cliche film”. Common Essay Errors November 1, 2011 Punctuation - The film horrified its viewers. - The film’s love scenes horrified its viewers. - possessive - The films’ love scenes horrified its viewers. - plural - Sophecles’s love scenes horrified it’s viewers = correct - Jesus’ love scenes horrified it’s viewers = also correct -’s forms the possessive Avoid putting quotation marks to change the tone or use sarcasm. Don’t do “The film was “good”’. Hyphen and Dash The hypen - is used to link words The dash -- is twentieth century literature = twentieth-century literature both adjectives are needed to describe literature Don’t use a hyphen if you can get rid of one of the words and have it make sense still. - The jack in the box toy = The jack-in-the-box-toy - All words (jack in the box) are necessary -Zippy is a comic strip. - Zippy is a comic strip character = Zippy is a comic-strip character. You can’t say “Zippy is a strip character” so they need to be hyphenated. - My high-school teacher seems distracted. - My high school teacher seems distracted. - Both of “high” and “school” are needed. If you don’t have the hyphen, it becomes “My high teacher seems distracted” or “My high (drugged up) school teacher seems distracted” - High-school has a hyphen. - The well-known author avoided Western. - Exception: Verbs that end in ly are not hyphenated - The incredibly gifted writer avoided Western. Dash - Dash is used to offset sentence elements in a sentence. -Bob Clarke, who won two Stanley Cups and three Hart Trophies between 1974 and 1976, was the greatest hockey player of the 1970’s. - You could also replace the commas with dashes. - In essays, search for “this” when you’re all done. ‘this’ needs to be followed by a noun. How is the pronoun “this” most commonly misused? : - Retirement-home ads use sex to attract tenants. This is the reason why I moved to Cherryhill. - A noun doesn’t follow this so it’s not right. - Correct: This strategy is the reason why I moved to Cherryhill. - Which must have a noun before it for the sake of clarity. - Hoar critcizes Korine’s lack of originality in scoring the film, which reveals Hoar’s misunderstanding of the function of music to illuminate key motifs. - Which does not refer to the film, but Hoar’s misunderstanding. - Find an appropriate noun to put where film is so which will make sense. - Or turn the subordinate clause into a second main clause: Hoar criticizes Korine’s lack of originality in scoring the film. In so doing, Hoar misunderstands the function of music to illuminate key motifs. Unnecessary Wordiness ; Expletive Constructions - Limit use of “to be” verbs and eliminate expletive Constructions. Expletives are circled on essays. - Get rid of using “There is” and “There are” (and “It is” sometimes). Sometimes it is works. - I have a favourite class. It is WR 2121. It is is referring to the class. - Expletive Construction -There is not one scene in Polyester that I can show to my mother. EXPLETIVE CONSTRUCTION -Correct: Poly
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