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Lecture 20

AN 110 Lecture 20: AN110

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Andre Czegledy

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AN110 Monday,  November  2,  2015 12:31  PM Lecture  20:  Gift&  Exchange Business  perspective -­ For  anyone  in  business  who  refers  to  an    "exchange"  in  everyday  conversation,   this  means  a  financial  stock  or  commodities  exchange  like  the  TSE,  NYSE,   NASDAQ,  etc. -­ The  broad  assumptions  behind  such  exchanges  is  that  the  activities  take  place   between  equals  with  equal  access  to  the  conditions  that  frame  any  transaction. -­ ….  You  might  as  well  have  computers  doing  the  "trades"  as  people.   What  is  exchange? -­ By  exchange  we  generally  mean  "  the  transfer  of  things  between  social  actors"   (ESCA) -­ The  definition  incorporates: Ø Transference  (  movement)         Ø Things  (material  world) Exchange  and  Equality Note  :  the  definition  of  exchange  does  not  necessarily  require  equality  between. -­ This  means  that  an  implication  of  equality  is  merely  an  common  assumption: Ø Transfers   Ø Things Ø Social  actors Society  as  exchange The  great  French  structural  anthropologist  Claude  Lé -Sitrauss  went  so  far  as  to   point  that  true  human  existence  (on  a  collective  basis)  only  begins  when  groups   begin  to  exchange  women  through  marriage.   Marriage  Exchange -­ In  Lévi  -­‐ Strauss'  conception,  marriage  is  the  exchage  of  women  between   descent  groups  dominated  by  men. -­ This  understanding  explicitly  recognizes  the  power  of  patriarchy  (rule  by  men)   and  implicitly  acknowledges  the  prevalence  of  patrilineality  (descent  through   AN110 Monday,  November  2,  2015 12:31  PM Lecture  20:  Gift&  Exchange Business  perspective -­ For  anyone  in  business  who  refers  to  an    "exchange"  in  everyday  conversation,   this  means  a  financial  stock  or  commodities  exchange  like  the  TSE,  NYSE,   NASDAQ,  etc. -­ The  broad  assumptions  behind  such  exchanges  is  that  the  activities  take  place   between  equals  with  equal  access  to  the  conditions  that  frame  any  transaction. -­ ….  You  might  as  well  have  computers  doing  the  "trades"  as  people.   What  is  exchange? -­ By  exchange  we  generally  mean  "  the  transfer  of  things  between  social  actors"  
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