AN341 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Chinese Canadians, Living Wage

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17 Feb 2016
Catherine Yang
L5b WR
12th August, 2015
Compare-Contrast Essay Outline
Point-by-Point format
(Essay about Chinese and Japanese immigrate to Canada)
Introductory Paragraph
-Introduction to Essay
Nowadays, the world has become diverse and integrated with other cultures, but the
problem arises, people will face kinds of problems when they immigrate to other
places, such as Chinese and Japanese immigrates to Canada.
-Thesis Statement:
Chinese and Japanese immigrants are facing challenges when they immigrate to
Canada, but Chinese immigrants are more adapted to live in Canada because they
have several advantages to help them to study or work in Canada.
Body Paragraph about The number of Chinese and Japanese emigrated to Canada is
-In 1858, Chinese immigrants set up a Chinese community in Canada, it can help other new
immigrants better adapt to Canadian life, and between 1999 and 2009, the largest number of
Chinese people decided to immigrate to Canada (Chan, 2015).
-In 20th century, there were 17,312 Chinese live in Canada, but Japanese have 10,000 live in
Canada (Sunahara, 2015) (Chan, 2015).
Body Paragraph about the discrimination against Chinese and Japanese immigrants in Canada
-Between 1880 and 1885, 15,000 Chinese labors completed the British Columbia section of the
CPR (Chan, 2015).
- Laws did not allow Japanese working in the mines, to prevent them from voting and to prohibit
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