AN101 Lecture Notes - Walkover, Noble Savage

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26 Feb 2013
AN101 JAN. 19TH
Film: Babakiueria
1. How do you explain the title of the film?
2. How is the film a satirical role-reversal of colonization?
3. How does the film make us critically think of the Native situation in Canada?
The importance of this film is the shift in perspective...we become more aware of the
problems of others. In Canada we have a minister of indigenous affairs... but we don’t
have a minister of white affairs. Whites were left w.o. a voice in the small village. Why
would you be happy to live in a place where all the decisions are taken from you? This
film has helped me feel for the Native people in Canada. The film also shows the role of
the journalist...she does not get the indigenous point of view... people only say what they
know the gov’t wants to hear. The journalist does not have a clue about what is
happening and you can tell when she depicts it. Maybe if we try to understand and have
an open mind we still won’t fully understand because we have to look at things from
other ppls perspectives.
MIDTERM NEXT power points...but power points are not enough
The political control over another country occupying it with settlers and exploiting it
- Began in 1492... with the discovery of America
- Historical period: from the 15th to the 20th centuries
- Many European countries have appropriated territories, exploiting the ppl. and the natural
resources at their own advantage
- Wanted material goods, resources, and WEALTH... went after it by enforcing political
European countries that colonized America:
- England
- France
- Spain
- Portugal
- Holland
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