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AN101 Lecture Notes - Veranda, Trobriand Islands

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Anne- Marie Colpron

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Pay aenon to tle of lm O the Veranda
How does Malinowski’s approach represent holisc approach or holisc anthro?
Studied in England
Rivers brought a scienc approach to his work
Realized that the next step to studying anthro was to study naves studied them in Australia,
maliu island
Revoluonary: for anthropologists to go visit the places where they were studying rather than
sing at home reading books
Started o by analyzing them on a veranda
o Realized he wasn’t taking part of their daily life decided to interact with them directly
Aimed to learn their language to interact with them
Went to the trobriand islands to study the people there
o Began as a modern eldworker
o Built a tent and took part in their personal life
Saw what they did, realized roles, and the acvies they were in charge of
Ie. Children played in the evening
o Was fascinated by them and he fascinated them too
The naves sold him items such as stone axes and other tools he needed
o Was looking for clues on how sociees worked
Decided that it centralized on human needs funconalism
o Not interested in how things involved interested in how sociees worked
Ie. Old anthro = how marriage evolved
Him: studied the biological, polical, social and economical aspects of
o The magic the Naves believed in intrigued Malinowski there was magic for
everything ranging for shing to love
Wondered why they needed it
Seem as a favourable control for weather
Ferlizer = magic = allows crops to grow
o Wrote notes daily, and painted a picture of Nave life that was more complete and
detailed than his predecessors
o Spent almost 2 years with him was in close contact
Communicated with them in their own language
o Began/ started: parcipaon observaon interacng with them directly, speaking
their language, wring detailed notes, etc
Noted that it was hard/ dicult to do
o The coola -> tribal manifestaon
Center of trobian life
Involved elaborate and dangerous expedions
Literal meaning of tle: got o the veranda to interact with them taking part of their everyday
o Parcipaon observaon
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