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Wilfrid Laurier University
Magdalena Kazubowski- Houston

Anthropology- the study of human nature, human society and human history Co-evolution- the relationship between biological processes and symbolic cultural processes in which each makes up an important part of the environment to which the other must adapt Communicative competence- term coined by Dell Hymes to refer to the mastery of adult rules for socially and culturally appropriate speech Comparative- a characteristic of the anthropological perspective that requires anthropologists to consider similarities and differences in as wide as range of human societies as possible before generalizing about human nature. society and human history Conflict dualism- the struggle between spirit and the flesh Culture shock- physical and mental dislocation and stress can be expected Design features- characteristics of language that when taken together differentiate it from other known animal communication systems Determinism- the philosophical view that one simple force causes complex events Discourse- a stretch of speech longer that a sentence united by a common theme Dualism- the belief that human nature or reality as a whole, made up of two radically different yet equal forces. Essence- an unchanging core of features that is unique to thins of the same kind and makes them what they are Ethnocentrism- the opinion that ones own way of life is natural or correct and indeed, is the only way of being fully human Ethnography- an anthropologist’s written or filmed description of a particular culture Ethnology- the comparative study of two or more cultures Fact- widely accepted observation Grammar- set of rules that aims to describe the patterns of linguistic usage observed by members of a particular speech community Holism- perspective on the human condition that assumes that mind and body, individual and society, and indivi
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