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Note 1: Anthropology Comparative discipline  Anthropology is not western focused  focuses on other countries as well  Anthropology studies humanity in its diversity  Comparative because you become more aware of your own culture while studying others Anthropology studies what it means to be human  Diachronically: over time (ie. We don’t live like our grandparents)  studies how humans change over time  Synchronically: across space  studies how human differ at the same time across the world Subfields  Archaeology o Study the human past through the analysis of material remains  Biological anthropology o Study of the biological evolution of humanity o Primatology: the study of primates who are the closest living relatives of human beings o Paleoanthropology: the study of fossilized bones of our early ancestors  Linguistic anthro o Study of the relationship between language (more focus) and culture  Sociocultural anthro o Focuses on learned behaviours & ideas that human beings acquire as members of society o Ex. The way we treat the dead in north America  we treat them with respect  In the amazon, you don’t talk about them  will be executed if they did  Sociocultural anthropologists study why there is such a difference o Ex. We send our seniors to retirement homes in NA  In South America, the seniors stay at home and as considered as advisors o Methodology  Fieldwork  An extended period of close involvement with the people In whose way of life anthropologists are interested and during which they collect most of their data  Participant observation  Used to gather info by living as closely as possible to the people whose culture they are studying while participating in their lives as much as possible  get to experience the culture Some differenc
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