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Anne- Marie Colpron

Film: Cannibal Tours  How do you explain the title of the film? o Consumption is the main idea o These people are selling themselves to tourists and tourists and consuming this o We are consuming an image that they are selling o Consuming a culture  Pay attention to examples of ethnocentrism o Using words such as primitive o Saying that these people are part of nature o What the Europeans think is not actually what’s true  Tourist/ Indigenous point of view: How do they differ? o  Who is the principal group of people observed by the camera? The tourist or the indigenous people? o A documentation of a group of white tourists in Papua new guinea. Documents their trip and their interactions with the group. Lots of interviews about the groups themselves and what they think about the group and their lifestyle. Use words: primitive, nature Many discussions about the aboriginal people themselves about what they think about the visiting Europeans. They are aware of what is going on and know what tourism is  dressing a specific way, doing ceremonies they wouldn’t n
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