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Wilfrid Laurier University
Anne- Marie Colpron

Pay attention to title of film  Off the Veranda How does Malinowski’s approach represent holistic approach or holistic anthro?  Studied in England  Rivers brought a scientific approach to his work  Realized that the next step to studying anthro was to study natives  studied them in Australia, maliu island  Revolutionary: for anthropologists to go visit the places where they were studying rather than sitting at home reading books  Started off by analyzing them on a veranda o Realized he wasn’t taking part of their daily life  decided to interact with them directly  Aimed to learn their language to interact with them  Went to the trobriand islands to study the people there o Began as a modern fieldworker o Built a tent and took part in their personal life  Saw what they did, realized roles, and the activities they were in charge of  Ie. Children played in the evening o Was fascinated by them and he fascinated them too  The natives sold him items such as stone axes and other tools he needed o Was looking for clues on how societies worked  Decided that it centralized on human needs  functionalism o Not interested in how things involved  interested in how societies worked
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