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Anne- Marie Colpron

Note 7 Student’s questions  How does a scientific discipline, anthropology, just study and accept other cultures as equals?  Shouldn’t we also try to educate other culture with our views of the world, especially those that lack advanced technology or revolve their lives around mystical beliefs? o No, unless they want to be taught o Ethnocentric question  Telling them that ours is the best way of living life  they are basically saying that their way of living is wrong  If left on their own, won’t these cultures suffer a very slow rate of advancement?  As much as we want to respect their way of life, I can’t help but think that cultures that don’t accept a scientific mindset are suffering from a lack of advancement Anthropology: seeks to open you to a new perspective that challenges commonly taken for granted assumptions Questions to think about:  Is the scientist culture free?  Is the scientists beliefs free? o Both are no because they come from their own culture and have their own beliefs  they have their own vision of making sense of the world.  Anthropology is a science that studies culture o As scientists that seeks for objectivity, we cannot deny that, as anthropologists, we also have a culture, and that your culture has an impact on our research (reflexivity)  being aware that you have a culture and how you act according to it o Even an atheist scientists does have a specific worldview and beliefs o The belief in science and objectivity o Science is also based on cosmovision and also follows shared conventions  Culture = human creation  Nature = also a human construction  the way we see the world (everyone has a different perception of ‘nature’ o We have different experiences of the world depending on how we depict it o We believe that our way of depicting the world is the ‘true one’ because that is what we learn in our culture o We are ‘enculturated’ to think that way, in terms of true or false; objective or subjective o It is linked to our western conventions  Does science have the answers for everything o S
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