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Lecture 7

AN101 Lecture 7

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Anne- Marie Colpron

Lecture 7 1/28/2013 10:26:00 AM Anthropology seeks to open you to a new perspective that challenges common taken for granted assumptions. Questions to think about:  Is the scientist culture free?  Is the scientists beliefs free? Answer to the student’s questions:  Anthropology is a science that studies culture.  As scientists that seeks for objectivity, we cannot deny that, as anthropologists, we also have a culture, and that our culture has an impact on our research (reflexivity).  Even an atheist scientist does have a specific worldview and beliefs:  The belief in science and objectivity.  Science is also based on a cosmovision and it also follows shared conventions.  We have different experiences of the world depending on how we depict it.  Does it mean that people that do not depict like us are wrong?  We believe that our way of depicting the world is the “true one” because that is what we learn in our culture.  We are “enculturated” to think that way, in terms of true or false; objective or subjective.  Its linked t o our western conventions. Question to think about:  Does science have the answers for everything? Answer:  Science have the answer to the questions it wants to ask.  Many unexplainable phenomenon are dismissed by science as “mystical beliefs”.  We have to be careful not to treat science as the new leading religion that holds the absolute truth. An example: Shamanism  We could dismiss shamanism as a “mystical belief,” since it does not have ay scientific grounds, and teach instead our western scientific medicine.  This would be assuming, based on western stereotypes, that shamans do not cure people. An example: Shamanism
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