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Lecture 10

AN101 Lecture 10

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Anne- Marie Colpron

Lecture 10 2/11/2013 10:29:00 AM Culture Area  A region with one relatively homogeneous human activity or complex of activities (cultures).  Example: Amazonia  The environment of where you live influences where you live. Kinship studies in Anthropology:  Takes in to account o Descent and marriage relationships. Descent:  The principle based on culturally recognized parent=child connections that define what social categories to which people belong. In western cultures:  We tend to recognize decent by consanguinity, i.e., by blood relationships: mother, father, grandparents, grandchildren.  We can also recognize as decent a relationship based on nurturance through adoption. In Other Cultures such as Amazonia and Melanesia:  Descent is not recognized in biological terms.  A person is considered the father or the mother of a child when they act as such. Descent:  In the western world: o A father or a mother can disappear most of the life of the child and claim the right of parenthood based on biology.  In other cultures: o This would be unthinkable. The parents are the ones who take care of the child in an everyday b
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