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Anne- Marie Colpron

Chapter 4 Harris TextLife without ChiefsCan human exist without some people ruling and others being ruledIs it natural It is something that can be expected everywhere Harris has a diachronic approach and a synchronic approachDiachronic look over time ArgumentFor millenniums our ancestors lived in small nomadic to move from place to place looking for resources huntergatherer bandsDiachronic argumentPeople ruling and others being ruled is not something natural for human beings as a species since for more then 10 000 years our ancestors lived without rulers kings presidents governors or police We had other kinds of organizationSynchronic in this moment but in different places in the world ArgumentSome people still live in bands and manage to live without our kind of political systemWhat is a bandA social organization found among foragersUsually a small group of people less then 50most of the time they are kinLabor is divided according to age and sexSocial relations are highly egalitarianeveryone is equal there is no one accumulating wealth or power over othersExamples of bandsGuayaki IndiansInuitKung San
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