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Anne- Marie Colpron

Chapter14GlobalizationGlobalizationThe reshaping of local conditions by powerful global forces on an everintensifying scaleTextbook p 327The intensification of global interconnectedness suggesting a world full of movement and mixture contacts and linkages and persistent cultural interaction and exchangeTextbook p 327 Global processes are interpreted and experienced in contradictory ways by different groups and actorsIt can reinforce inequalities and favor people in power situation It can also create new opportunities for some groups to build worldwide organizations to defend their interestIndigenous Amazonia exampleDisease devastation and misery have been all too common for Indigenous people who have encountered Western expansionAnthropologists have long feared that Indigenous Amazonian people were destined for extinction Guayaki caseBut some Indigenous people such as the Kayapo have organized themselves to resist outside encroachment on their traditional landKayapo exampleKayapo leaders have worked successfully with national and international alliesThey were able to bring 28 Indigenous Nations together in a huge intertribal protest against the hydroelectric dam project at Altamira on the Xingu RiverThe leader Payakan combined traditional Indigenous political skills with a knowledge of Portuguese and a keen understanding of the international mediaThe leader Raoni toured Europe with the rock musician Sting to seek international support for his peoples causeThe Brazilian government has still not built the dam
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