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Chapter 7Religion and World viewMetaphorA figure of speech in which a term is applied to designate something else in order to suggest a resemblanceThese association assert a meaningful link between two expression from different semantic orderIt allows to understand one thing or idea in terms of another constructing an analogy between them An association based on similarityIt compares without the use of as or likeFor example You are an angelThe use of metaphors in constructing worldviewsFigurative image of a metaphor allows to say something that encompasses more than the literal meaningKey metaphors have serves as the foundation of worldviews WorldviewAn encompassing picture of reality created by members of a societyOur Western worldview distinguishes between different orders of realityNatural The physical world with it own lawsThe world as it functions independently from human beings with its own laws that are observableNature is not universal we are encultureated to believe that nature is seen the way we view itThis idea western invention came into play during enlightenment Chinese culture did not have the same view of nature as usWe are naturalists because we see the world as a Cultural The customs social institutions artsEverything that is linked with human beingsAs westerners we are multiculturalist meaning that we acknowledge many different culturesA relatively new inventionThis is created is opposition to nature Supernatural What goes beyond the laws of natureEverything that cannot be explained by science or natureThe supernatural is a residual category The leftover categoryeverything that cannot be explained by science goes hereExamples of Key MetaphorsSocietal Metaphors It takes society as a model to explain other orders of reality such as the biological ones molecules or cellsHow even in our explanations we take explanations and examples from out own societyWe can look at cells and molecules and explain them as social groupsOrganic metaphorsIt takes the images of the body to explain other orders of reality such as the society Ex The headinstitution Technological or computer metaphorsIt takes technology and machines to explain other ones of reality such as the human mindMetonymy
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