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Amali Philips

2013.02.04 Constructionist.. - Grounded in the body but meanings are to be understood within public, political, economic and social contexts. - Historically specific variable across time and space. o Flexibility about how one expressed their sexuality. o Sexuality was accommodated o Victorian ideas of sexuality silenced it. - A ‘discourse’- ideas and practices that produced and transmit knowledge within a matrix of power relations. o He asks who defines what normal sex actually is, and what it entails. o Understand sex and sexuality in the context of power relations. Foucault - Conceptualization of sexuality create sexual categories as ‘normal’ ‘pathological’ or perverse - The sex of person one partner with defines one’s identity. o Ones sexuality defines ones gender o Curiosities made people break the rules because they were contained at first. - Such categorization makes management of sexuality necessary - Constructions along the axes of: knowledge, power of regulation, creating, and sexual subjects. o Give power to humans and then take it away through containment. Body Politic: - Mary Douglas- body as metaphor for society; reflects social and concerns and anxieties about social boundaries. o The body as a model for society - Social pollution o External boundaries o Internal lines o Margins of lines - Power and danger inheres in above/societal spaces. - Woman is seen as a gatekeeper who can either pollute a social group or keep the behaviour regulated. Management of Sexuality - Rules and taboos and underlying values o Bedouin sexuality does not belong to an individual, it belong to the
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