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Amali Philips

20130316 Citizenship and National IdentitiesFamily role in creating citizens and nationalseducation of consent Gramscicreating moral citizens via pedgagogy discipline and learning civilities to strengthen nationmother role moral bearer and teacher of values bearer and rearer of citizens Fathers role disciplinarian productive citizenState and CitizenshipLegal statusDefines relationship between stateindividual liberal Equal citizenship equality in the private and public spheres Negotiated with state for rightsParticipation in political civil spacesDifference between legal and real citizenship Political participationLegal citizenship means participation in community civic Republican model The right to voteThe right to stand for officeImpediments to equal participationWomen unfriendly political structureculture of politics is androcentric Political culture of violence safety Double burden time limitations Gender ideologies Minority Women double jeopardy similarity model must have same qualifications as other men and women compensation model must surpass the stds Set for majority men and womenEconomic ImpedimentsStructural Adjustment Policies SAP Neoliberalism Unburdening of care services on families Lack of economic resourcesCitizenship Models 1 Liberal individual gender neutral a Assumes states are independent of patriarchal valesb Assumes genderless societyLiberalFeminist Approach assumes the separation of individual and hisher community Participation of minorities of minority women2 CommunitarianCommunally embedded citizen individual as part of communities rights of communitiesHow can rights of individuals be balanced against the rights of communities3 Civic Republican Participation in public life is keyLegal statusmembership in community
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