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Amali Philips

2013-04-08 Global Care Chain: Demands - Aging population - Shortage of public care services - Nuclearization of households - Double income families - Work pressure among professionals - Emergence of ‘new rich’ in developing countries and middle class women in the Labour Force. Supply: Why women go? - World wide need for caregivers - To improve standard of living. - Improve life chances of children - Precariousness of male employment o Fewer opportunities for men therefore women are forced to go globally - Economic independence, autonomy (women) - Escape abusive relationships. - Few work opportunities at home - Increase consumption, respectability, prestige - Escape poverty Economics of Care Work - Private to market (contract) - Lucrative business o More in developing countries, agencies will give money to the agents if they can get workers for care work. - Foreign exchange contribution. - Remittance alleviates national debts, unemployment at hone, contributes to family subsistence. Impacts of care work: Marriage and Family - Age at marriage increasing. - Migrants are often married with children. o Because it reduced stigma on them. - Migrants stigmatized as ‘loose’ - Absent wife syndrome. o As soon as women leave to go to work, their marriage is not as stable, and often when they come back the husband has often found another
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