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Amali Philips

Week of Feb. 11 2013. Movie: Daughters of Gardner’s - Feticide crisis. - Depreciates women to the point that they cannot even live a few days - Selective aborting of female foetus’ - Quack Doctor – service man who portrayed himself as an abortionist. - Poured chemicals over the remains of the foetus’ to try to hide what they did - Flowers are linked to women and children - If some do not have a boy then they husband will be remarried In order to have a boy - Indians want a boy because …. o Only the son can set the funeral fire a light, this is the only way that families can connect with the dead- therefore if there is only females in the family that family will not be able to connect with the dead. - There is only roughly one girl for every 4 boys - Family is the heart of social structure - Hunan trafficking is a widespread phenomena - Most of the girls being prostituted off are younger than 18 - In the past 10 years, the number of prostitutes has increase by 50 percent Reproduction- Overview of Movie Feb. 13, 2013  Sex Selection: Gender bias or “family balancing”? o Feticide: sex selective abortions o Neonaticide: killing of a newborn o Infanticide: killing of a child below age 1 o Indirect infanticide: neglect o Microsort: sperm sorting technique  Used for sex selection o Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosing  Explanations/reasons for sex selection in India o Descent/kinship/affinity  Given away in marriage o Economics  Marriages and dowries – social aspect  Women are seen as unproductive – seen as not contributing much for the families o Marriages  Compulsory – it is shameful to have a daughter that is not married o Social  Weddings  Prestige o Religion  Sons must perform the rituals  Sons support their parents (it is their duty) o More sex selection going on in wealthy/educated families  Families in poverty suffer more if they have more daughters  Rich families can pay to have the doctors tell them the sex of their unborn child (costs extra because illegal)  If a poor family doesn’t have sons they will likely remain poor because it is sons who support the parents o Family planning/family balancing  2 children are preferable  Small families because everyone is working (like in NA)  Sex selection is important because if they are only having 2 children they want to ensure that they have at least one son  Large pressure on women to have at least one son o Pride  It is important to have a son  Implications o Dowry deaths o Trafficking women  Abductions  Forcing women into marriage  Prostitution  Daughters are becoming commodities  Health impacts (HIV, STDs, etc.) o Single males  Impacts kinship through inability to reproduce  Impacts health of men - unhappy  Security of other countries (when a surplus of men there is an increased chance of warfare)  Value of sons for descent o “A man wins worlds through a son, and he gains eternity through a grandson, but he reaches the summit of the chestnut horse through the grandson of his son” (Laws of Manu – Hindu legal code) o “he who protects from going to hell” (performs rituals)  Daughters… o “The birth of a girl, grant it elsewhere, he grant a son” (Hindu source) o “like watering a neighbour’s garden” o “The wealth of other, not those who give them life” (South-Indian Proverb) o “Even a king with seven daughters will become a pauper” (SI) o If the first born is a girl she could be saved because they can still have a boy  Third daughter is severely at risk o Cannot extend self in time (Bedouin- shame) o Bring forth life that is perishable o “Girls are the dying embers of a house” (China) o Women always marry upwards  If they can’t be married up sometimes fathers kill his daughters so they don’t have the shame of not having them married  There should be an excess of women in comparison to men o Women live longer than men typically o Men are killed more often than women  What has the government done about this? o Ultrasound is not permitted to determine the sex of the child o Crib babies – cribs are left outside, if a parent doesn’t want the child they can anonymously leave the child in the crib o Financial incentives are being given by the government  Cash payments for girls  Bursaries for girls to go to school  Cheques are given on the girl’s 18 birthday  Money is often used for the dowry = still not good  In 1961 the dowry had been abolished – didn’t work o In some states women are able to inherit land = independence  Some have higher education
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