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Lecture 3

AR104 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Palace Economy, Hurrians, Sherden

Archaeology and Heritage Studies
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Nirmal Dass

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- around 1200 BC
- the collapse of the bronze age
- systematic burning and destruction of cities in a very short period of time
- until about 1180 BC there is massive destruction
- 43 important cities destroyed
- what has led to this kind of destruction?
- The remains suggest burning, slaughter
- The end of the palace economy
- The centrality of the palace has disappeared
- After the bronze age there is the intro of the iron age
- Shardana in Egyptian means raiders some have suggested sea raiders
- Egypt too is destroyed
- Hyksos are the raiders and they rule Egypt for around 200 years
- Mycenae is burned
- They would write on clay but because of the intensity of the fire they became
- If that destruction didn’t happen perhaps our knowledge of linear b would be
- This time is when the language we know as greek is established
- The raiders are greek, they speak a northern dialect of greek and after the
destruction there is a mingling of the two dialects of greek
- Dorians are the raiders who ended up in Greece
- Method of warfare that neutralizes the chariot from the bronze age
- Expansion group in the middle east and near east called the IndoAryans who
unite with the Hurrians and Mitanni they moved about and destroyed
- Population explosion and then expansion and they are going around looking
for wealth
- A broadsword is made from iron and is very new it is a very long weapon
- The infantry forms in a square and have long lances sticking out so that when
the chariots charge them the horses are scared and shy away
- From then on infantry is the main offence
- They start as raiders then they become civilized
- Take all their money then settle down
- raids in September and October until theres nothing
- in the areas that they are raiding they start settling
- no longer find evidence of linear B
- only language we see is Doric (spoken by Dorians)
- a language that uses a slightly different sentence structure
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