AR215 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Caldarium, Italica, Tepidarium

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AR 215 Lecture 8
Feb 1/16
Trajan and the Expansion of Rome
“Next best thing to Augustus”
Summary of Events
Augustus brought about a new form of government and novel approaches to building
projects and artistic traditions
Later 1st century AD emperors had varying success in replicating the quantity of
Augustus’ accomplishments
Nerva (AD 96-98)
Selected by the senate to take position of Emperor after Domition was assassinated
He lacked the support of the military but adopted a popular general to be his successor
He didn’t try to portray himself like the Julio-Claudians or the Flavians
Constructed a small forum next to Augustus’ in Rome
Trajan (AD 98-117)
Born in Italica, Spain; first non-Italian emperor (sets precedence)
Received the title Optimus Princeps (best princeps)
No historical sources preserved which discuss Trajan (only emperor where this happens)
oProblematic because we don’t know the politics of the time or the successes of
battles etc.
Most successful emperor after Augustus at accomplishing the tasks of a “good” emperor
oLarge scale building program
oMilitary conquest
oStrong Economy
Beginning of a Dynasty?
oAll emperors were adopted son, except Commodus but he wasn’t a good one
Dacia; Northern Romania
oConquered by Trajan, very rich area
Continued using the Veristic style of portraiture
oLarge nose, bowled hair cut
oAges in his portraits
Baths of Trajan
Largest public bath complex in Rome at the time
oConstructed in AD 109
Built over the foundations of Nero’s golden house
oThe baths are the reason why the foundation of the golden house exist today
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