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Wilfrid Laurier University
Bonnie Glencross

Case Study: Pompeii “Pompeii: A City Rediscovered”  video  Provides a recreation of life in Pompeii  Think about how scientists were able to piece together the picture of the town at the moment it was buried. o Attribute to modern science and archaeology  Consider: o How was the site formed?  A volcano erupted and killed all life   Mount Vesuvius erupted  Pompeii = wealthy trading town, famous for its fish sauce& grand villas  Around midnight aug 24, the first pyroclastic surges (more gas than debris, and can move up and down very fast) & flows (more rock than gas) occurred, caused by the progressive collapse of the eruptive column, bringing certain death for the people  After 24 hours, there were 25m of debris (on top of the living surface)  Ashes, pumice & rocks allowed the city to become anaerobic = no moisture and air  bacteria can’t live, so site was preserved  things were carbonized o What was recovered?  Artwork  Remains of an ancient structure found Herculaneum inscribed on the building  Villa of the papyri  found scrolls (documents)  Pompeii was found decades after Herculaneum  some of it is still uncovered, was under layers of molten  found a portrait of the owner of a house  Centre of Jove/Jupiter  statue of the centre of Jove still exists  only the head  Statue of Apollo  Drawings of gladiators  drawn by children  Odeon  place where gladiator games, concerts etc. took place  Wells  Jewellery
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