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Mortuary Behaviour  Early in our evolutionary history people began to place great significance on the remains of the dead  Treatment of the dead as a reflection of style, religion, population-societal & personal values, and social organization o Facedown burials are deliberate, widespread and meant to disrespect the individual o Spanning some 26,000 years from Peru to South Korea this practice includes men, women and children o Explanations include socially sanctioned treatment for criminals, prisoners and witches, indication of status differences, and religious conflict  Race markers and goods also reflect style, religion, population-societal & personal values, and social organization Excavating burials  Burials = the purposeful disposal of the dead  Excavation o Exposure: flexibility in methodology is required; you never know what you will encounter until your there o Recording: site info  Intra-site info  Description of grave, remains & associations  Scale drawing  Photographs, video  Burial description o Form of disposal: Simple or single process  ADD  Compound: involves multiple processes  ADD o Body preparation  Involves activities that prepare the body for placement in the grave o Individuality  Involves the number of remains contained within a burial (ie. Single, double, multiple, contemporary, consecutive) o Articulation  Includes information on articulations; degree of an ___ order o Position  Involves recording information of the relationship of different body parts at the hip, knew, arms and head o Alignment & orientation  2 directions are used for graves (ie. north to south)  One direction used for orientation of the individual (eg. Burial facing east) o Grave goods & inclusions  Includes information on types, frequencies, placements o Disposal co
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