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Intro to Physical Anthropology lecture 2.docx

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Jonathan Haxell

Intro to Physical Anthropology, Lecture 2 The Anthropological Approach continued - Case study perspective-understanding begins with simple, small scale, local - Simple systems used as pieces of a puzzle to understand more complex systems - Exhibits a relativity of viewpoints, recognizes the problem of bias - All humans are a product of their own culture therefore we are always bias of other cultures - Engage in devices to reduce bias - In some situations our own cultural bias prevents us from understanding other cultures - Lithic –stone Biocultural Approach- Refers to observation that humans have to be understood as biological organisms as well as learned organisms Primatology Linnaean Classification System - Biological taxonomy - Naming System - Explains biological relationship between all organisms Homo erectus: homo sapiens are descendants of this species, ancestor of human population Ursus americanus: black bear Ursus maritimus: polar bear Canis lupus: wolf Felis sylvestris: cat The systems origins: Carl Linnaeus founder-spoke Swedish and Latin Changed to Carolus Linnaeus - Scientific writer, over 100 major works, 200 doctoral dissertations - Main work was Systema Natural-system for identifying and assigning names for organisms How it worked: - Binomial system (two names) - Generalized name (genus) assigned based on the observation that a population shared certain characteristics with alike creatures, and
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